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F707 Stratos

Photo by Oliver Nanzig

Freitag has designed F707 Stratos in Zürich, Switzerland.

This project is the latest edition of Freitag's backpack range and is born out of the friendship between a used truck tarp and the truck's unused airbag.

F707 Stratos is a lightweight rucksack that doubles as a shoulder bag and, when needed, unfolds from the tarp pocket as fast as a deploying airbag.

"An intensive exchange of information and feedback between our design department, the prototyping and materials sourcing roles here in Zurich, and the ongoing involvement of the external sewing department [were] very important throughout the development period," said Freitag. "Bags and airbags have different requirements and characteristics, so it was important to make clever use of the strengths of the two materials used, truck tarpaulins and B-stock airbags."

This project has been shortlisted in the wearable design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Freitag

Project: F707 Stratos

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