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Flat 6
by Studio MK27

Photo by Fran Parente

Studio MK27 has designed Flat 6 in São Paulo, Brazil.

This project is a 900 square metre apartment that overlooks São Paulo's skyline through widescreen windows. Home for a couple with three teenage sons, Flat 6 establishes a permeable living in an imporous city.

A generous covered terrace delineates the apartment perimeter on two of its sides, mediating the dialogue between the more intimate spaces and the horizon surrounding them. The living room, embraced by a soulful bookshelf, opens itself to the terrace in front through a wooden portico – framing each of its ambiences: a bar, a fire pit lounge and a backgammon table.

The main element of this project, however, is none of the above. What wraps up it all is the bright sunlight that comes in through the apartment's windows and the lace curtain that embraces them. Developed by the owner herself, the perforated artisanal fabric acts like a soft "mashrabiya", filtering the sunlight and creating shadow drawings throughout the apartment.

Natural light warms up every piece and every corner of the space, allowing the woods, the velvets and the stones to speak louder.

This project has been shortlisted in the apartment interior category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Studio MK27

Project: Flat #6

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