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Onu Series
by Sabu Studio

Onu Series by Sabu Studio
Photo by Samuel Burns

Sabu Studio has created a minimal and elegant design that brings a sense of the natural world into interior spaces.

The design of the series sees the splitting of the timber as a focal light source point. Emulating the core of a living organism, it emits both an atmospheric warm light and a sense of discovery intended to evoke the forested glimmer of light between trees.

Comprising a pendant and floor light that house is carefully hidden fixings within the timber, the series uses bent lamination as a technique to fashion two halves, creating a splitting and divergence in the linear form. These two halves are then hand-shaped with a variety of tools. Both designs can be fabricated in an array of various timber options.

The result is a design that seeks not to dominate a space, but rather softly invite intrigue and delight from its occupants.

This project has been shortlisted in the lighting design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Sabu Studio

Project: Onu Series

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