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Piyandeling Artisan House
by Realrich Architecture Workshop

Piyandeling Artisan House by Realrich Architecture Workshop
Photo by Bacteria Photography

Realrich Architecture Workshop has created a bamboo-centred house in Indonesia to meet the demands of life in a rural area.

The project is located in Mekarwangi Village in the country's West Java province, home to strong winds, a tropical climate (high sunlight and rain intensity) and lush vegetation. It was designed to integrate economic, social, and environmental aspects into sustainable architectural practices.

Bamboo was used as the main material among three, which also included recycled plastic and local stone. It was chosen as a local natural resource to reduce carbon footprint – put into place by local craftsmen, it benefits the community economy and plays a role in preserving traditional skills.

The house is divided into three areas to simplify the construction process: a tubular shape on the building envelope which has a tubular body; the inner housing fashioned in a square shape, and an underground prayer room.

This project has been shortlisted in the rural house category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Architect: Realrich Architecture Workshop

Project: Piyandeling Artisan House

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