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Self Revealing
by Studio X4

Photo by Interior Design by StudioX4. Photography by YHLAA.

Studio X4 has designed Self Revealing in Taipei City, Taiwan.

This project is a meditation hideaway for visitors to undergo the practice of mindfulness amidst a hectic city, influenced by the Buddhist notion, "Form does not differ from emptiness; therefore, emptiness does not differ from form."

Imagining the consciousness is distorted and capricious, the interior is shaped with continuous Bezier surfaces from wall to ceiling in deep colours. A LED oculus recessed in the core of non-linear space, the site is visually intuitive, inspiring the meditator’s introspection to probe into the intricacy of the relationship between physical and mental situations.

In this project, via mirror reflection, the interior area completes its whole entity; the incomplete half contour represents the behaviours of a human being, knowing the world through the connections with other people and recognising self from social activities, which represents the real part of the brain.

Whereas, the other reflected half contour is the inner side of a mind, finding a way to the six senses from Buddhism. Combining the two halves implies the meditation path of seeking balance for both sides.

This project has been shortlisted in the leisure and wellness interiors category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Studio X4

Project: Self Revealing

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