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Well Well Well Hotel Renovation
by Fon Studio

Photo by Fon Studio

Fon Studio has designed the Well Well Well Hotel Renovation in Beijing, China.

This project is the renovation of a hotel where "the life traces in the old city of Beijing enable the deep hidden hotel to show the unique spatial quality and continue to attract travellers from afar to stay and experience," said designers Fon Studio.

The large courtyard reconstructed by the site selection of the Well Well Well Hotel is unique in Hutong – where an orderly interior courtyard originally belong to a traditional inn space, decorated in every corner with popular Chinese elements.

Initially, the original interiors were demolished as the designers were intrigued by the sophisticated wooden roof structure of the old house, which increased the richness and visual characteristics of the space.

13 guest rooms were arranged in a compact layout, while the courtyard under the large roof has become the core area for visitors to enter. A light staircase has been placed in the relatively introverted area, allowing the newly-added second floor to be more easily connected with the courtyard.

This project has been shortlisted in the hotel and short-stay interiors category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Fon Studio

Project: Well Well Well Hotel Renovation

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