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Clifford's Tower
by Hugh Broughton Architects

Clifford's Tower by Hugh Broughton Architects
Photo by Dirk Lindner

Hugh Broughton Architects has revitalised York's 800-year-old Clifford's Tower, integrating a timber deck that partially conceals the ruins while providing a panoramic city view.

The project, commissioned by English Heritage, aims to conserve the 13th-century landmark's historic fabric while enhancing the visitor experience.

A freestanding timber structure now resides within the tower's stone shell, supported by columns and featuring an amphitheatre-style deck.

The architect restored turrets with spiral staircases, repaired fire-damaged stonework and walls, and added suspended metal walkways for access to previously unexplored spaces.

This project has been longlisted in the heritage project category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Hugh Broughton Architects
Project: Clifford's Tower
Credits: English Heritage, Martin Ashley Architects, Ramboll, Preston Barber, RNJ, Drinkall Dean, qSimpson (York)

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