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Jahad Metro Plaza
by KA Architecture Studio

Jahad Metro Plaza by KA Architecture Studio
Photo by Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

KA Architecture Studio has redeveloped the Jahad Metro Plaza in Tehran, Iran.

This project was a successful attempt to redefine subway entrances in Tehran, Iran.

The architects wanted to define these entrances as a free and definable platform by users for urban events and the re-creation of unusable points for citizens in line with the general plan of transforming Tehran into a pedestrian-oriented city.

"We tried to allocate most of the cost of the project, instead of using industrial materials, to local methods in this part of the city. This decision activate[d] these semi-active workshops around the city of Tehran, where the tradition of making bricks by hand has not been lost," said KA Architecture Studio. "The main materials we used in this project were 300,000 handmade bricks that were produced by eight workshops around Tehran."

This project has been longlisted in the infrastructure and transport project category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: KA Architecture Studio
Project: Jahad Metro Plaza

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