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Jiaxing Train Station
by MAD Architects

Jiaxing Train Station by MAD Architects
Photo by CreatAR Images

MAD Architects has designed the Jiaxing Train Station in Jiaxing, China.

Led by Ma Yansong, MAD Architects developed the Jiaxing Train Station. The proposal included a 1:1 rebuilding of the historic station building derived from archival studies while creating a new train station underground.

"The new station will be bright, efficient, and human-scaled, with a flood of natural light to create a friendly, comfortable environment," said MAD Architects.

The main transportation and commercial functions are to be located on the basement level, allowing the ground-floor space to be given back to nature.

"A shared space between Jiaxing's citizens and travellers, this new green urban centre will transform into a train station in the forest,” added MAD Architects.

This project has been longlisted in the infrastructure and transport project category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: MAD Architects
Project: Jiaxing Train Station
Credits: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano, Liu Huiying, Tiffany Dalhen, Yao Ran, Yu Lin, Cao Chen, Chen Nianhai, Cheng Xiangju, Reinier Simons, Fu Xiaoyi, Chen Wei, He Shunpeng, Li Zhengdong, Cao Xi, Zhang Kai, Li Xinyun, Kaushik Raghuraman, Deng Wei, Huang Zhiyu, Huai Wei, Sun Mingze, Dayie Wu, Hou Jinghui, Yin Jianfeng, Claudia Hertrich, Liu Zifan, Xie Qilin, Alan Rodríguez Carrillo, Qiang Siyang, Jiaxing Modern Service Industry Development and Investment, Tongji Architectural Design, China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group, Shanghai Shuishi Architectural Design and Planning Corp, Z’scape Landscape Planning and Design, Beijing Sign Lighting Industry Group, NDC CHINA, Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Decoration and Landscape Design Research Institute, LERA Consulting Structural Engineers, RFR Shanghai Construction, China Railway Construction Engineering Group, China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group and China Construction Eighth Engineering Division

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