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Mexican and Galician Influences in Madrid
by Sierra + De La Higuera

Mexican and Galician Influences in Madrid by Sierra + De La Higuera
Photo by Germán Saiz

Sierra + De La Higuera has worked on a project that had Mexican and Galician influences in Madrid, Spain.

Fresh and timeless, this project is an ode to colour and to the fusion of two specific cultures, Spanish and Mexican, which are as different as they are closely related to one another.

"The owners of the home, a young Galician-Mexican couple, wanted its aesthetics to combine influences from their travels with their origins and family tradition," said Sierra + De La Higuera. "All of this converged in one decisive feature: colour."

The original home, which consisted of many small rooms, had very little light given all of the partitions. Nothing was retained in this case; a complete refurbishment of the apartment was carried out.

"They asked us for a comfortable, functional, cheerful home that was full of light," added Sierra + De La Higuera. "The tiles come from Morocco where they are handmade, which means no two are alike."

Oak features occasionally, sometimes in its natural colour and sometimes lacquered in white so as not to detract from the main material. The materials complement each other very well, as one provides a sense of freshness – while the other provides warmth.

This project has been longlisted in the home interior category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Sierra + De La Higuera
Project: Mexican and Galician Influences in Madrid
Credits: Inés Sierra, Mercedes Sierra and Javier de la Higuera

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