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Minoudar Boutique Hotel
by Harandi & Harandi Architects

Minoudar Boutique Hotel by Harandi & Harandi Architects
Photo by Harandi & Harandi Architects

Harandi&Harandi Architects has designed Minoudar Boutique Hotel in Yazd, Iran.

Minoudar House is a boutique hotel in Yzad where Harandi & Harandi Architects have conducted an extensive construction project.

"The house was bought in 1956 by Dr Mahmood Madani (1928-1987), the second official dentist in Yazd who used the place as his dentistry for 30 years," said Harandi & Harandi Architects. "But the house's history goes way before Dr Madani and was first a section of a larger house owned by an Oliya family."

In accordance with its architectural style and elements, it is estimated to belong to the Safavid era, which makes the original construction about 400 years old.

In a country hit severely by climate change, market-oriented architecture and the destruction of heritage by westernisation, the goal of Harandi & Harandi Architects was to conduct a project that would revive and preserve the heritage of the Minoudar Boutique Hotel by making it more resilient and sustainable.

This project has been longlisted in the hospitality project category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Harandi & Harandi Architects
Project: Minoudar Boutique Hotel
Credits: Deed Studio and Dimeh

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