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Nature. And Us?
by Kossmanndejong and Stapferhaus

Nature. And Us? by Kossmanndejong and Stapferhaus
Photo by Anita Affentranger

Kossmanndejong and Stapferhaus have created the interactive exhibition, Nature. And Us? in Lenzburg, Switzerland.

"How we think about nature has a great influence on how we deal with our environment," said Kossmanndejong.

In Western history, a hierarchical understanding of nature has prevailed, according to which nature is considered something passive that humans can subordinate.

The interactive exhibition Nature. And Us? questions the ambivalent relationship between humans and nature.

"Rather than providing answers, the exhibition creates space for dialogue and new perspectives," added Kossmanndejong. "What is nature? Do humans belong to it? What role do we play in it?"

In the context of the climate and biodiversity crisis, such questions are among the most fundamental of our time.

This project has been longlisted in the exhibition design (interior) category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Kossmanndejong and Stapferhaus
Project: Nature. And Us?

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