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Osa Outdoor Series
by Vaarnii Oy

Osa Outdoor Series by Vaarnii Oy
Photo by Jussi Puikkonen

Henrik Tjaerby has designed the Osa Outdoor Series for Vaarnii Oy.

Designed by Henrik Tjaerby for Vaarnii, Osa is a series of outdoor furniture – an uncompromising table and bench built using a clever system of T-shaped beams and joints made from innovative Finnish heat-treated ThermoWood® pine.

The material is fully non-toxic, using only heat and steam and the thermal modification makes the wood dimensionally stable and water-resistant completely without chemicals.

Until now, this innovative material has largely been used only in architectural applications such as outdoor cladding and decking. In addition, the product does not need any surface treatment.

This project has been longlisted in the furniture design category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Vaarnii Oy
Project: Osa Outdoor Series
Credits: Henrik Tjaerby

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