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Sardenya 356
by Atienza Maure Arquitectos

Sardenya 356 by Atienza Maure Arquitectos
Photo by Lorenzo Zandri

Atienza Maure Arquitectos has built Sardenya 356 in Barcelona, Spain.

This project is the construction of a building between the walls of 12 houses in Barcelona.

Sardenya 356 is located on a narrow plot between the streets of Còrsega and Sardenya, adjacent to the corner but without access to the block patio.

"This almost residual condition in the Eixample fabric led us to propose a façade that was as transparent as possible," said Atienza Maure Arquitectos. "[By] connecting the houses as much as possible with the Mediterranean climate of Barcelona... [we] protect[ed] them from the sun and from a street with a lot of motorized traffic."

The design aims to create bright living spaces that encourage their versatile usage and adjust to various contemporary lifestyles – due to the Mediterranean ambience generated by the apertures and wooden shutters on the facade, which juxtapose the concrete details.

This project has been longlisted in the housing project category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Atienza Maure Arquitectos
Project: Sardenya 356

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