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T4 Modular Sofa
by Sara Hayat Design

T4 Modular Sofa by Sara Hayat Design
Photo by Sara Hayat Design

Sara Hayat Design has conceptualised and developed the T4 Modular Sofa.

The T4 Modular Sofa is handmade, handstitched and designed around the concept of Playful Luxury.

The tufted pieces of cushions can be used as individual pieces and then combined together to make a sleek, modern-looking sofa.

"The best part of the T4 Modular is that you can make an entirely different-looking sofa by rearranging the pieces," said Sara Hayat Design. "The kids can pull it apart and build a fort and then put it together to form a beautiful sofa for entertaining friends and family."

"It speaks to our commitment to connecting the diverse personalities that will occupy it," added Sara Hayat.

This project has been longlisted in the furniture design category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Sara Hayat Design
Project: T4 Modular Sofa

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