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Textile Tabletop™
by Kvadrat Really

Textile Tabletop™ by Kvadrat Really
Photo by Marcus Brunström

Kvadrat Really has designed Textile Tabletop™, an upcycled textile surface product.

The Kvadrat Really Textile Tabletop™ is a new, low-impact textile product, which is directly applicable with no need for additional surface and edge treatment.

The Textile Tabletop™ is a circular product for environment-conscious interiors allowing customers to design and refurbish existing tables without any significant impact.

"We offer a plug-and-play product, finished or semi-finished in sizes fitting the industry norm for workspace tabletops," told Kvadrat Really. "The characteristic of the material allows multiple usages and fits new and existing table frames [which] allows our clients to underpin the Kvadrat Really no-waste concept."

This project has been longlisted in the material innovation category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Kvadrat Really
Project: Textile Tabletop™
Credits: Senator and Holmris

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