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Working Room
by Kultura Studio

Working Room by Kultura Studio
Photo by Kultura Studio

Kultura Studio has created the art residency, Working Room.

Working Room is an art residency established in Ivano‑Frankivsk in March 2022 for artists who were forced to move to the West of Ukraine through the full-scale Russian aggression against Ukrainian sovereignty and its people.

"Making art during the war is our statement," told Kultura Studio. "We were creating a space for horizontal interaction."

The purpose of the residency was to create new material objects of war testimony in local and global contexts.

"Our approaches include the role of art and artist as a figure, as opposed to the most visible approach in the art of rapid response through the display of victims or winners," added Kultura.

This project has been longlisted in the graphic design category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Kultura Studio
Project: Working Room

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