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by Eric Owen Moss Architects

(W)rapper by Eric Owen Moss Architects
Photo by Tom Bonner Photography

Architect Eric Owen Moss has completed the (W)rapper office tower in Los Angeles, named for its facade-covering structural system.

The 72-meter tower features a T-shaped plan, with a primary curved volume housing most of the floor space, and an externalised core holding circulation and additional rooms.

(W)rapper's glass and steel exterior support system extends from internal I beams to isolators below ground. The fireproof cementitious plaster-clad wraps are grey, with a matching external zigzag staircase.

Moss says his design provides earthquake resistance, offering a safe, long-lasting building with column-free floorplans. He believes (W)rapper's longevity will mitigate its carbon footprint over time.

Located along the Expo Line light rail connecting West Los Angeles with Downtown, the project provides a new conception of an urban office building connected to transit.

This project has been longlisted in the workplace project category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

Studio: Eric Owen Moss Architects
Project: (W)rapper
Credits: Samitaur Constructs, Matt Construction, Stegeman and Kastner, Arup, WSPLand Images, Green Dinosaur, Earth Support Systems, J.O. Nelson and Associates, Vantage, Antonio Acoustics, KOA Corporation, Jon Wiseman

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