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Siobhan Anderson, Hugo Richardson and Hanson Cheng, The Tyre Collective

Photo by Royal College of Art / Shaun James Cox.

Shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2023 Bentley Lighthouse Award, Siobhan Anderson, Hugo Richardson and Hanson Cheng are the founders of London-based studio The Tyre Collective.

Founded in 2020 by Anderson, Richardson and Cheng, The Tyre Collective continues to tackle the complex problem of tyre wear by capturing tyre particles from commercial fleet transportation via an electrostatic device to create a cleaner environment.

The British startup works with large manufacturers, policymakers and researchers to develop and scale its technology. In 2022, The Tyre Collective ran a pilot with Zhero, a low-emission and sustainable logistics services to further test the device's efficiency.

Recently, the trio also won the Terra Carta Design Lab and are now working on different applications of tyre wear from bitumen, soundproofing, 3D-printing, shoe soles, and high-performance activewear.

Siobhan Anderson, Hugo Richardson and Hanson Cheng are shortlisted in the Bentley Lighthouse Award category of Dezeen Awards 2023.

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