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Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett

Louisiana-born Michael Bennett is a social activist, philanthropist, designer and founder of studio Kër.

Founded in 2002, Studio Kër is a platform for design concepts, where Bennett serves as creative director. The practice is committed to exploring both contemporary and historical elements of the African diaspora, challenging traditional Western perceptions of design and architecture.

Bennett's journey in design and architecture stems from his diverse experiences, from his prior career as a professional american football player to his ongoing activism and passion for social justice.

Beyond his design endeavours, Bennett is celebrated as an activist raising awareness about significant social issues. His philanthropic efforts include establishing endowments for students from low-income backgrounds pursuing creative arts degrees at the US university Rhode Island School of Design.

He provides grants to organisations such as the Rebuild Foundation, and Humble Design, furthering his commitment to fostering positive change through design, education, and social justice initiatives.


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