Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter Dezeen Awards China?

Dezeen Awards China is a celebration of Chinese design talent. It is therefore for studios based in China, rather than for projects that happen to be built in China.

In order to enter Dezeen Awards China, your company must be based in China.

Multinational firms that have a registered office in China can enter, as long as the majority of the work on the project was completed by the Chinese office.

It is fine for Chinese companies to submit projects that have been built outside of China.

However, companies that are based outside of China cannot enter, even if their projects are built in China.

We will accept entries from companies based in all regions of China, including the special administrative regions of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

I've already entered the international edition of Dezeen Awards, can I also enter Dezeen Awards China?

Yes, you can enter projects into both editions of Dezeen Awards.

I've already entered the international edition of Dezeen Awards, will my entry also be included in Dezeen Awards China?

No, Dezeen Awards China is separate. In order to be considered for Dezeen Awards China, you will need to enter.

Can I use my Dezeen Awards account to enter and Dezeen Awards China?

Sorry, no. To enter Dezeen Awards China, please download your entry forms from our WeChat mini program.

What are the Dezeen Awards categories I can enter?

There are 17 project categories that you can enter. Please visit the categories page for full details.

How many categories can I enter?

As many as you like! You will need to fill out a separate entry form for each category.

Can I enter more than one project in the same category?

Yes, there is no limit to how many projects you can enter in the same category. You will need to fill out a separate entry form for each category.

Can I enter the same project in more than one category?

Yes, if it is appropriate to all categories. If we spot an entry that we think is in the wrong category, we'll contact you.

When should my project have been completed to be eligible?

Your project needs to have been completed between 1 September 2021 and 31 August 2023 to be eligible for Dezeen Awards China. See the terms and conditions page for more information.

Can I enter my studio?

No. The Designers of the Year categories are are nomination-only and names will be shortlisted by our judges.

Do you accept collections as well as individual products?

Yes we do. You can enter a specific product or a collection of products into the awards.

Do you have a student category?

No, we do not currently have a category specifically for students. Please note that your project must be completed to be eligible for Dezeen Awards China 2023.

Does the word limit on the entry form include spaces?

No, the word limit on your entry fields does not take into consideration spaces.

What are the rules with adding images into my entry?

You can submit up to 11 images with your entry. There is a 10MB limit on each image that you submit. Your main image must be submitted as a square. Supporting images can be any ratio, but please avoid renderings or digital visualisations. Please submit image files via a Baidu Drive, Dropbox or similar link in the relevant field on the entry form. Do not send files.

How do I make sure that my entry is the best it can be?

Follow the instructions on the entry form precisely – entries that do not answer the questions set will be at a disadvantage. Write your entry succinctly and clearly, avoiding exaggeration and sticking to the facts where possible. Choose the very best images you can and consider getting your project photographed by a professional so that your entry stands out. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

What are the judging criteria?

Please refer to the about page to find out more about what the judges are looking for and how you can impress them!

Can I add in video content to support my entry?

Yes. We recommend that you include a link to a video in the relevant field on the entry form.

How will I know that my entry was submitted successfully?

You will receive an email response to confirm that your entry has been submitted successfully.

Does my entry need to be submitted in Chinese?

Yes, we can only accept applications written in Chinese.

Can I enter an uncompleted or speculative project?

No. Projects need to have been completed by the closing date in order to be eligible. Please see the terms and conditions page for full details.

What do winners of the Dezeen Awards receive?

Each winner will receive a trophy and a certificate.

Will I need to pay anything if I win?

No, there are no hidden costs involved with Dezeen Awards China. We will not charge you for your trophy or anything else if you win.

What if I still have more questions?

Drop us a line at [email protected] or send a message to our WeChat account DezeenCN. This page will be updated frequently so please return to see the latest advice and information.