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Lava Side Table
by Atelier V&F

Lava Side Table by Atelier V&F
Photo by Atelier V&F

Atelier V&F has designed Lava, a bespoke side table design inspired by volcanic lava.

Drawing inspiration from the volcanic lava that sprung from the great depth of the earth, the Lava side table, with its distinctive temperament and texture, symbolises the raw and primitive power of nature.

"Inspired by the meandering lava flow, Lava adopts the ancient copper casting technique [of] melting down the metal into a formless liquid that carries in it great heat energy, and through the perspective of a sculptor, cooling it down into unsculpted sculptures," told Atelier V&F. "It is a process of reshaping, just like how volcanic eruptions use destruction to create [as] lava changes the landscape and the volcanic ash breeds burgeoning life."

Lava offers two size options in copper colour, black and silver plating, allowing for different interpretations and representations of the space.

"Let[ting] nature in has always been one of the artistic pursuits of Atelier V&F, taking inspiration from nature, moulding products accordingly, bringing back the philosophy of man as a measure," added Atelier V&F.

This project has been shortlisted in the furniture design category of Dezeen Awards China 2023.

Studio: Atelier V&F
Project: Lava Side Table

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