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Phantom Rings: S-Game Office
by LYCS Architecture

Phantom Rings: S-Game Office by LYCS Architecture
Photo by Zhu Yumeng

LYCS Architecture has designed the interiors for the 'Phantom Rings: S-Game' office in Beijing, China.

The office headquarters designed and built by LYCS Architecture for Lingyoufang Network Technology – the team behind the 'Shadow Blade' series of mobile games – is located in Zhongguancun, Beijing, with a total area of approximately 1,500 square metres.

"We decided to materialise the dreams weaved by dreamers, using the concept of Phantom Ring and dark aesthetics as the basis, using ethereal curves to penetrate the night, creating an immersive office space with its own reality distortion force field," said LYCS Architecture. "It serves as the connection point between the game world and the real world."

The entire space is developed with black as the base, where different grey scales and media of black provide the space with rich texture and layering.

"The sense of space seems to be infinitely extended, and you feel like you have stepped into a shadow game world," added LYCS. "Tree-shaped growth bodies with warm wood tones can be seen everywhere."

This project has been shortlisted in the workplace interior category of Dezeen Awards China 2023.

Studio: LYCS Architecture
Project: Phantom Rings: S-Game Office

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