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Sahara Chair
by Do-Why Design

Sahara Chair by Do-Why Design
Photo by Do-Why Design

Do-Why Design has created the Sahara Chair, a multifunctional chair.

This project is a solid wood chair that has a versatile, unique shape and looks original, rustic yet modern.

"And it's more comfortable than it looks, testers who sat on real samples were amazed at how comfortable the chair was," said Do-Why Design. "The original design intention of this chair is to create a piece of furniture that is unique but simple, artistic but not artificial, honest and versatile, catering to people's psychological desire to return to nature."

The chair is almost entirely of mortise and tenon structure – especially the connection between the chair back and the seat surface that uses a clear, simple and effective wedge-shaped mortise and tenon joint so that the chair back and the main body of the chair can be separated for easy transportation.

In today's society where the pace of life is becoming more and more intense and more people find it harder to relax, consumers are increasingly recognising the need for natural furniture products.

"The popularity of wabi-sabi and natural-style homes or public spaces fully proves people's yearning for a return to nature," added Do-Why Design.

This project has been shortlisted in the furniture design category of Dezeen Awards China 2023.

Studio: Do-Why Design
Project: Sahara Chair

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