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This is Zack!
by Guò Bàn Ér

This is Zack! by Guò Bàn Ér
Photo by Boris Shiu

Guò Bàn Ér has redesigned and renovated the This is Zack! photography studio in Beijing, China.

This project was the renovation of the photography studio of famous fashion photographer, Zhang Yue-Zack.

After 16 years in his studio, Zack decided to make a major change in his working environment – the design was focused on distilling a clean space from years of accumulated clutter.

"We were invited by Zhang Yue [Zack] to extract a clean space from the clutter accumulated over the years," told Guò Bàn Ér. "[Today] fashion photographers need to conduct more temporary and impromptu shooting in various environments."

The renovated design has also brought diversity to the studio, allowing Zhang Yue's photography to be expanded in many aspects and able to handle an additional range of projects.

This project has been shortlisted in the workplace interior category of Dezeen Awards China 2023.

Studio: Guò Bàn Ér
Project: This is Zack!
Credits: Zack Zhang, Christian Taeubert, Sun Min, Wang Nan, Ma Shiyu, Liu Pengfei, Li Yue, Boris Shiu and Han Jian

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