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TORRAS Coolify 3
by inDare Design

TORRAS Coolify 3 by In-Dare Design
Photo by inDare Design

inDare Design has designed and developed the Coolify 3 for TORRAS.

inDare Design joined forces with Torras to create the "world's first disruptive black technology product that combines three senses": a semiconductor hanging neck fan.

The Coolify 3 combines fashion and technological innovation with two major functions of heating and cooling at the same time.

inDare Design's product innovation uses advanced semiconductor technology, highly integrated intelligent hardware and U-shaped high-precision shaft design to create smarter and healthier body-sensing devices that enable users to sense temperature, wear comfortably or carry it easily.

"The existing hanging-neck fans on the market usually only use the freedom of hands as the core selling point and simply use the fan blades to blow out the air to cool the user," said inDare Design. "They lack the consideration of multiple ways to jointly improve cooling efficiency."

Therefore, with a cooling idea that is different from traditional hanging neck fans, Coolify 3 proposes a two-in-one cooling mode of cooling and air supply, breaking through limitations and designing a walking wearable body-sensing air conditioner to create a full-body cooling experience.

This project has been shortlisted in the product design category of Dezeen Awards China 2023.

Studio: inDare Design
Project: TORRAS Coolify 3
Credits: TORRAS

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