This was the year that car brand MINI relaunched its visual identity and made the leap into designing lifestyle concepts. It embraced the sharing economy with its Airbnb-style vehicle rent scheme and MINI Living installation in Milan, which explored the idea of shared accommodation as a solution to the housing crisis.

It hasn't all been lifestyle-related though: MINI's futuristic concept car which changes colour depending on the driver's mood proved popular with readers.

Dezeen's long-term collaboration with MINI has produced three exclusive video series, MINI Frontiers, MINI World Tour and most recently Most Loved, which profiles design classics.

A movie about Imogen Heap's music-making gloves went viral on Dezeen's Youtube channel, won a Webby Award and became our highest ranking MINI story ever.

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4. MINI's augmented-reality glasses allow drivers to see through the body of their car

5. BMW's MINI Vision Next 100 concept car changes colour depending on the driver's mood

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