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Richly textured interiors have become a staple product of Chinese-born, Harvard-educated couple Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, and last year was no different. Their Shanghai firm, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, completed a series of restaurant and shop fit-outs that readers couldn't get enough of.

Most popular was a skincare shop in Seoul divided up by a lattice of brass rods, but they also unveiled a boutique for fashion brand Comme Moi, a 1950s-inspired burger restaurant and a space for London department store Selfridges.

What unites all of these projects is the use of Neri and Hu's own furniture designs – a vast collection that continues to increase, with recent additions including a cabinet of curiosities and a minimal coat stand.

Top posts:

1. Delicate brass framework divides spaces inside Neri & Hu's Sulwhasoo flagship store

2. Neri&Hu installs continuous clothing rail through Comme Moi flagship store

3. Neri&Hu combines Japanese and Californian design for Selfridges' Body Studio

4. Neri&Hu's design for a Shanghai punch bar references the city's old alleyways

5. Neri&Hu bases Shanghai burger restaurant on 1950s diners

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