Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2016 by Bjarke Ingels. Photograph by Iwan Baan



Serpentine Galleries

The Serpentine Galleries is the highest-placed institution on our Hot List. This comes as little surprise since the two tiny galleries, set in Kensington Gardens in London, are responsible for one of the the most talked-about highlights of the architectural year: the annual Serpentine Pavilion commission.

This year, besides the main pavilion designed by Bjarke Ingels, the galleries commissioned a further four smaller "summer houses" by a variety of architects, generating even more buzz.

On top of this, each year Dezeen collaborates with the organisation to produce a video interview with the chosen architect, which undoubtedly helps its position on the list (readers visited a total of 114 separate stories about the gallery over the course of the year).

Plus last year, to celebrate the 15th year of the commission, we interviewed the gallery's then director Julia Peyton-Jones about each of the projects, creating a series of exclusive movies. (Incidentally, the film about Peter Zumthor's pavilion was the most popular of these, topping the one about Zaha Hadid's).

But if it hadn't been for all this the gallery would probably still have topped our list of institutions due to the runaway popularity of this year's pavilion by Bjarke Ingels – who is incidentally number two in the Hot List – as it was one of the best-performing projects we published all year.

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