Aerial photo of Serpentine Pavilion 2017

Drone video services by Dezeen Studio

Dezeen Studio can capture dramatic aerial footage of architecture projects, installations and even interiors.

We have a licence to legally operate a drone in the UK and work with drone operators in other countries to enable us to film buildings, installations and more from the air around the world.

Dezeen Studio has used drones to film projects including Serpentine Pavilions by Frida Escobedo and Diébédo Francis Kéré (pictured top), as well as Make's St James's Market redevelopment, Delta Light's Polesano street lamps and an urban cabin installation by MINI on a Los Angeles rooftop.

We also produced a documentary called Elevation, which explored how drones could transform cities.


Contact us at if you would like to work with Dezeen on an innovative content collaboration and for more information about our services.

Drone video examples

This playlist features examples of videos Dezeen Studio has produced using footage from drones: