31 Oct31 October9 Nov9 November 2020
Hong Kong

This exhibition attempts to compare and contrast the cityscapes of Hong Kong and LA in terms of topography, transportation system and horizontal versus vertical development in order to show the innovation and uniqueness of Hong Kong-style architecture.

It explores the architectural elements that represent the city's core values: glamour, efficiency, orderliness, and constant change. These values are depicted through a multimedia work by Keith Lam.

It also incorporates literary elements as the exhibition's concept came from "Island and Peninsula", a novel by Hong Kong author Liu Yichang.

The exhibition was originally displayed in Los Angeles last year and returns to Hong Kong to let citizens celebrate their city's architectural style.

Island__Peninsula from 31 October to 9 November 2020 at the atrium of Nina Mall 1 in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.