Prague Tomorrow? Prague Priorities

23 Oct23 October20 Dec20 December 2020
Prague, Czech Republic

This exhibition taking place at the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) showcases 25 development projects that are set to "change the face of Prague."Prague Tomorrow? Prague Priorities features a range of projects that aim to improve Prague's infrastructure and raise the quality of life of city's citizens.

The exhibition is broken into five categories that relate to the city's chosen areas of development: new neighbourhoods, large infrastructure projects, parks, streets and squares. Among the exhibited projects are Railway Line Promenade, a new city park that will replace an abandoned railway line, and a neo-cubist bridge that will cross the Vltava river.

Prague Tomorrow? Prague Priorities takes place from 23 September to 20 December 2020 at Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning, Emmaus Monastery ComplexVyšehradská 51, Prague 2, Czech Republic.