Erotica techno in Valencian architecture

4 Mar4 March9 Apr9 April 2021
Valencia, Spain

Erotica techno in Valencian architecture is an exhibition that interrogates the links between techno music and modern architecture.

The exhibition, which is part of a larger editorial project, uses Valencia as a case study to explore the topic, drawing on the repetitive forms and spatial typologies of buildings to establish links between the structure of techno music.

It is accompanied by a soundtrack created by Domen and Sou Allen informed by photographed architectural landscapes, as well as featuring two essays written by Debora Domingo and Mario Montesinos and a photographic essay by architect Ricardo Ruiz.

Erotica techno in Valencian architecture takes place from 4 March to 9 April 2021 at Carrer de Joan Verdeguer, 16, 46024 València, Valencia, Spain.