Dezeen has teamed up with architecture firm J Mayer H and Steelcase on a panel exploring how the pandemic has revealed a need for better-designed office spaces.

Using J Mayer H's design for the IGZ's Falkenberg building as an example, the panel explores how the flexibility of interior design and building geometry allows office spaces to easily be adapted in response to Covid-19. They also share how design can help to reflect a company's culture and how the emerging needs of office workers are shaping how we design office spaces.

Moderated by Dezeen's chief content officer Ben Hobson, the panel comprises architects Jürgen Mayer H. and Hans Schneider, the director of Workplace Design and Consulting at Steelcase, Dr. Dewi Schönbeck and Global UX Lead at Steelcase, Vanja Misic.

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Dezeen x Steelcase talk takes place online at 4 pm BST on 21 July 2021.