Sneak preview: Marc Newson at Gagosian



Gagosian Gallery in New York has released images of two new works by Marc Newson, in advance of the major exhibition of limited-edition pieces by the designer that opens later this month.

Voronoi Shelf (above) and Extruded Chair (below) are made of white Carrera marble and are produced in editions of eight.


The exhibition is significant as it is the first time legendary art gallerist Larry Gagosian has mounted a major show by a designer.

Other new pieces will include a series of large, meshed metal forms called Random Pak; a nickel surfboard; and a folding knife in sintered bronze and Damascus steel.

Newson has become the most collectable designer in the world following the sale at auction last summer of one of his Lockheed Lounge chairs for just under $1 million - a world record for a piece by a living designer.

The show runs at the Gagosian Gallery, 555 West 24th Street, from 25 January to March 3.


> an exhibition of photographs by New York architectural photographer Todd Eberle opens at Gagosian's Beverly Hills gallery on January 6

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  • ono

    Sorry, It’s Carrara, not Carrera marble.
    The chair is pretty hot

  • matthew

    i must say this is quite dissapointing to me. first of all its marc newsom… considered to be the most important designer of our times, and secondly he uses carrara marble. the historical and cultural significance of using this material was completely overlooked, nevermind the fact that it is not using the material correctly or exploiting its most intriguing characteristics. these are simply (bad) 2-dimensional graphic extrusions, they could have been much more sculptural, and have a personality. but hey, cash in marc…they’ll sell like hotcakes simply for having your name attached to them.

  • barrett

    i agree, that shelf sold for nearly 400,000 dollars, so i would do a lame extrusion too if i had his name and could get away with it…though i personally like it

  • @tb

    in my opinion all things that marc newson do,should be sell and produced all over the world,marc newson is cool…



  • aroo

    i really like your design.its very uniqe n its just amazing.looks simple and beautifull

  • Miguel Knuckey

    Thats not design… Design its make life better, for all the people, not just for a few that can pay something too senseless as a Carrara Chair…
    A good designer can design & produce a beuty and functional chair whit elements that everybody could pay and of course; materials that dont afect so much ecology.

    To finish I agree, Its not original.

  • HD


    if any of you guys had been to the exo , or read the bio, you’d see that he has’nt over looked the fact the marble has a historic past,

    His designs are really amazing, you say ” its juat a simple 2d extrusion” but who thought of doing a simple extrusion?? not you. He did, so why not use an original idea.


  • JS

    i think it’s good…
    i’m not a pro in industrial design..
    but i think it’s ok to use extrusion..
    although it’s different from his old design…
    did he change his style?
    honestly i prefer his previous design…
    but still, it’s nice =D

  • im studing industrial design.. i like art & getting sense of easthetic.. even if its industrial design. i believe that people must cross the borders every day. i dont have comments about this work of marc newson, cause its something new & intresting.. let us see how its gonna roll.

  • I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks! Regards, P.

  • my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

  • MortLake

    First of all – Mark Newson, with an N, made these pieces for his own enjoyment not yours.

    These were experimental pieces. – ie, if he ever had to use either of these materials again by commission he now knows some way to do it, and has an understanding of the medium. Its a learning and journey process.

    Secondly – yes it is Carerra marble, it is actually single pieces of Carerra marble, like those used in the statue of david and other beautiful works of art. That in itself is a big thing, then couple that with the fact he has taken an age old material and made it using a modern industrial process. That i assure you has not been done to single marble pieces, at least not to make such as above.

    Thirdly. The fact you cant afford the thing does not mean it is not good design or original. It’s intensely original – as is the man himself – and in case you didn’t notice it is also a museum object…. open to collectors and thats about it.

    Kudos to the Aussie who’s actually producing interesting original products using interesting original methods.