dezeen loves... Peter Callesen's papercuts



Danish artist Peter Callesen takes the current craze for paper-cutting to new heights of virtuosity.


Working on a variety of scales - but always with paper - he hand-cuts the material into delicate artworks or large-scale installations.


His A4 Papercuts series features single sheets of white paper hand-cut into complex 3D forms with no sliver of paper wasted.

His installations, meanwhile, have involved constructing full-size paper staircases and carpet-sized papercuts.


Like fellow papercutters Tord Boontje and Robert Ryan, Callesen has a sentimental side, with many works featuring butterflies, birds and the like.


But he also explores darker themes such as death and fear.


See Peter's website for many more examples.

For more links to the paper-cutting world, visit Beatrice Coron's site.


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  • Peter Callesen is ingenius- I was introduced to his work last year through Emily Tsingou gallery, and have been inspired since.

    I esp. like the space & isolation created in his a4 paper pieces (‘Down the River’ ‘Snow balls’ & The Impossible Meeting’), and in the intricacy and delicacy of using paper as a medium (like in ‘Dead Bird’ 2006′)

    Paper as an art medium in itself and Callesen’s work are both highly underrated…

  • gevellyn

    who said beautiness could only be found in picture, sculpture, music or poetry? With Peter Callesen we discover the wonders that can emerge from the magical spell of a sheet of paper.Who would have ever thought that we would find ourselves in a paper cut, trying to escape from our shadow as well as the birds from one his works…

  • lukas

    very nice

  • Doro

    Liebe Doro, wenn du ihn auch mögen kannst, dann würde mich das freuen.

    Lieben Gruß von Margret

  • Phutorn

    very Good It’s Amazing