Sneak preview: Kanye West’s apartment



Kanye West's office has sent us renderings of his nearly completed New York apartment, designed by minimalist architect Claudio Silvestrin.


The top image shows the view from the end of the curving entrance hall into the lounge, while above is the freestanding stone basin in the bathroom. Below, the kitchen.


The rap artist and producer's new home, in a midtown Manhattan apartment block, is currently under construction and should be complete by the end of February. We hope to bring you photographs of the completed project then.


Above: view from the bedroom towards the stone basin, with the bathroom beyond.


Above: the freestanding kitchen work surface aligns with the refectory-style dining table.


Above: the narrow, curving entrance hall.


Above: top view of apartment, which is on the corner of the mid-century building and has windows along two sides.

>> see more images in our update here

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  • Esa

    Did anyone even mention the fact that these are on renderings from some 3d modeling/animation program that isn’t the finished thing which will probably look alot better in real life and once you see kanye’s personal touch added to the equation.
    to many abberated comments on here.
    i think it looks great.

  • i wonder how people would judge this appartment when the title wouldnt tell that it would be build for Kayne West

  • who

    sorry who is this west guy?

    i’m glad a couple of people finally mentioned the fact that these are renderings, (not sure how you say it on the streets – done on a computer – WORD) the final thing will probably be quite different.

    most of these comments are pretty laughable, but i think the pinnacle is Ulanbator calling it ‘undesigned’…love it or hate it, (i think it’s ok in places) doing something so minimalistic takes longer than many approaches because each element takes on greater significance. it’s over-designed if anything.

  • Robert

    Wow, who knew Kanye had taste? Go figure. It sexy… but still not Pawson sexy or anything. That kitchen is killllllllllllllllller though.

  • I thought this was an architecture site? Above is a gallery, not a studio apartment. While I do like the decor and finishes. This place has no functionality. The corridor is a complete waste of drywall . Space and continuity are not this architect’s strong suit as offset soffits being placed throughout. This is amateur hour.

  • Sam Finnemore

    If he likes it, you know, whatever. It’s not as if he doesn’t have about twelve other houses to keep the rest of his stuff in anyhow.

  • fitty

    minimalism will never go out, but it does look like something out of house and home magazine 1994. (the colours).

    its ok.

  • b.judge

    i love all those who say ” they could have made this place”. first off, you most definitely could not. there is an almost science to minimalist design. i know this as i am a designer who specializes in minimalism. and for the record, for those who have complained about not seeing this element or that, i can guarantee that they are there

  • Rockweezy

    He’s into art and it’s minimalist design at it’s best which is clearly his decorative style that he likes. Anyone that thinks he’s crazy and lost his mind just needs to venture outside the box for a sec…. for real.

    He’s got worldly interests other than being a rapper in the hood. Sorry, face it.

  • andrew

    i’ve never seen more fluid design. Perfect

  • Stefan

    This crib, is fucking artistic. I laugh at you all who just think this is a "crib" this is also where Kanye shot his music video "Love Lockdown" he NEEDED the white pure color, exactly for the music video, where he himself is dressed in white, and the african black people were dancing outside his window. You can say what you like, but this kind of already has Kanye's touch to it. Did it ever occure that people as talented as him, needed a place to go for inspiration? I bet this is one of those places where he goes to think up ideas to other music videos, or go to write songs. This is Per se, his very own "Fortress Of Solitude"?

  • SunnyBrooke

    I don't think it is even "close" to being finished. Simplicity is an acquired taste of sophistication…. cluttered environment equals a cluttered mind and its idiotic for people to assume that his taste in living would be the same as his professional appearance…just because he is a "rock" star doesn't mean his home environment will reflect the same aesthetics as when he dresses himself for performance or public appearances. I love it and I'm positive once he adds his personal touches (that won't be published pictures for the public to see) I'm positive it will be a reflection of who is even if its minimal in its contents. His home is his castle, his sanctuary, and get away from this over crowded, over embellished, over stressed world….mild simplicity seems like the perfect way to escape all that….I would keep it clean and serene as well…EXCEPT my closet would be a new home of its own. I love what he's doing with his clothing line and branching out beyond what people "assumed" he would do as far as fashion and actually giving the public a taste of his personal taste not a hired stylist..I applaud you Kanye…pursue all that makes you happy and nothing the end of the day that is all that matters and if people choose to support that and they will…well welcome the inspiration and appreciation for what it is you do and for those that choose NOT to support or envy and hate…let em look away cause their negativity has no place in your world that your creating based on your happiness. So to you Kanye I say and I quote—–> "A certain level of strength, boldness and strategic ability will often get one compared to the weather; even though they know you are coming ; like it or not….it's nothing they can do to stop you. *THECEOMIND*" So all you haters ——-> Go dig a hole!

  • h28arch

    Hi there! this is an example of minimalist be precise this is interior design. doesn't matter if is nice or not. We are not talking about confortable or unconfortable .. there is something else in such of empty spaces. If you are interested to understand better this way of thinking or living please have a look to the website of Claudio Silvestrin. bye

  • andrea

    obviously some people on her don't know design when it knocks them in the face! I find it very refreshing to someone so cashed up to use it towards creating a non 'norm' space to live in instead of the home you see most celbs having aka tudor manor-ville.
    power to you Kanye for using a true artist in Claudio!

  • sf-snob

    It’s a perfect background for some amazing cool art and custom high-end furniture. Since Kanye and Kim K just bought a huge mansion in LA together this place will probably be on the market soon as it’s finished anyway or maybe he’ll keep it as a place to crash when he’s in NYC. No matter, it’s still very innovative and a creative approach to a small space. Stop hating people that are open to new ideas, the future and live their life as being a work of art in progress.

  • Richard Fleming

    Doesn’t look like there’s room for North West in these plans.

  • arki

    People need to chill, it says “RENDERINGS”. These are all schematics, it’s not real. Although I gotta say, I could do better than this. It’s so stiff and rigid, and not realistic at all. Just saying.

  • AG

    It looks like an insane asylum. Jack Nickleson is going to pop out of corner at any moment, with chief Bromden on his shoulders.

  • annon

    I really doubt Kanye needs a kitchen in his apartment.

  • tomthumb3

    Gorgeous, but I thought he was broke?