Artek launches bamboo furniture



Finnish furniture brand Artek is launching production versions of its Bambu furniture range at the Stockholm Furniture Fair next week.


The range, designed by Artek Studio/Henrik Tjaerby, consists of a chair, dining table and coffee table made of laminated bamboo.


Prototypes of the pieces, which have been modified for production, were shown last year in Milan during the furniture fair and at 100% Design in London.


Artek was founded in 1935 by a group led by seminal Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto.


It is now owned by Swedish investment group Proventus, which also owns the Tom Dixon design brand. Dixon is creative director of Artek.

The Stockholm Furniture Fair takes place in the Swedish capital from 7-11 February.

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  • It seems very beautiful,i like this natural furniture..This looks wonderful, when I get a chance I will buy one. Gracias!

  • bamboo furniture is good.

  • That’s the table I’ve been looking for. I’m particularly interested on the larger table. But, I’m from the Philippines so I think I will not be able to get one of that and, how much will it be for the large table only?

  • btw, considering it is made of bamboo, how much weight can i put on it before it collapses? i imagine it might break into two when i place a computer set on top of it – the cpu, monitor, everything.

    • Justthings

      Bamboo is very strong by itself. The furniture appears to be a composite, like plywood, with bamboo veneer. Who knows? What I want to know is why you still have a cpu.

  • Ruby

    i am currently looking for a supplier of furnitures and accessories made in bamboo and bamboo and rattan to be exported for our project.

    please get back to me on the same email ID.

    thank you

  • wow, I never thought bamboo furniture could look this good. Great designs!