BingoIngo by Admir Jukanovic


Young London-based designer Admir Jukanovic has sent us images of a new light that is switched on and off by touching a bare wire.


The exposed electrical flex appears to be directly connected to a standard incandescent lightbulb that hangs from a coiled cable.


Jukanovic also designed the WouldYouVoodoo light (below). Made of glassfibre and fabric, the light is turned on and off by inserting a needle into the product.


Here too (below) is his Max clothes hanger made from nautical rope.


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  • ash

    That’s truly disturbing. It’s like looking at razor blades!

  • jon

    amazing! how does that work??? how does the light turn on/off with the touch of a finger? where is the power source? love it! very clever

  • Me

    The powersource comes from the “hook” obviously, either that, or it’s battery powered.

  • mirela

    nevjerovatno super je

  • rusko

    hej jaro svaka cast…nisam se nado da si toliko pametan …svaka cast…rule brka

  • Big Bird

    Admir, this is quite something. But let me ask you this… are you in any way related to the one Stanislav Jukanovic of Willowick, Ohio?

  • sufin

    I think its quite unlikely… He seems to hve a Bosnian Name (admir). So posibility to be related to Stanislav are rather low…

  • The bare wire light is great. I love the look but the the twist is the best bit.