Philippe Starck in Beijing



Philippe Starck has completed a new restaurant in Beijing called Le Lan (via davidreport).


The restaurant is located in the Twintowers development on Jianguowenmai Avenue in Chaoyang District.


Here are some images.






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  • Los Angeles, Califor

    Is it just me, or is this kind of theatrical over-the-top prop-baeed interior design getting b-o-r-i-n-g? Never a first class innovator, Stark is showing a certain malaise. The shiny long blue couch looks pretty good though, like an iridescent fish.

    • Cristina Gauci

      Really? Boring? What can you design? This man is an over the top designer, every single thing that he designs, blows my mind away. Why? It’s new, innovative, he creates a whole new world. This one particularly, wow it’s amazing, and I was wondering to myself how can I ever be this good!

  • Jim

    I visited and had lunch at this new restaurant. The place goes on forever with one mind blowing room after another. There is a maze of tent private rooms from 2 person to many. every room id different with mixed furniture, place settings , and always a huge chandelier. There is every light fixture Starck has designed mixed around the rooms. The main room has many themes, India, mexico, sahara etc. The oyster bar is as big and a normal resturant. I heard that it cost 40 Million to build and cant seat 4000. Talk about ready for the olympics!
    The food was great and served with a unexpected chinese

  • jamie

    Recently, I dined here with collegues. Yes, the restaurant does extend forever and includes a nice lounge, which looked more interesting than the main restaurant. However, I did not notice anyone utilizing the private rooms. The entire private room area was empty and dark. I would hate to see this place fully lit. It’s hideous. Everything is overly decorated. You have real focal point! I agree with Los Angeles….it is quite over-the-top and theatrical, but not in a good way. The pictures shown here actually make it look interesting and moody. But in person, it’s a huge mess and a real disappointment.

  • David

    I could not disagree more with the above comment. This place was fantastic – original, contemperary, stylish and perhaps more importantly for any restaurant the food and service to match. I dine out at least twice a week in London and this is the best meal I have had bar none in the last five years. The head waitress needs to be applauded and could teach her London contemparies a thing or too. The decor was stunning out of this world. One issue was the stench from the drains from the toilet block encraoched on the main bar – that does need to be resolved quickly. Was impressed which doesnt happen very often.


    Me and David had dinner in LAN . i would say that it was not a normal dinner it was an expiernce.. just by being there you feel your out of this world .. everything there is a piece of Art ! service was excellant .. and everything was matching our expectations.. LAN is a piece of Art.. I will never forget my dinner there..

  • Jose Tugga

    Fantastic Place. Negative comments are above are loaded with ignorance, emotionless, or lack of anything better to say! Show me better …

  • Georgio

    I am going to Beijing soon and already heard of this restaurant. Since I am still a student, can you tell me how much you usually have to pay.