Arne Quinze at Burning Man


Arne Quinze at Burning Man

Here is a sequence of images showing the construction and destruction of the giant wood sculpture designed by Arne Quinze of Quinze & Milan at the Burning Man festival in Death Valley, USA in September last year.


The sculpture is a larger version of the timber installations Quinze has built at design shows in London, Cologne and Miami and required 150km of wooden laths.


It took 25 people over three weeks to build the structure, which measured 60m x 30m x 15m high.


The structure was destroyed as the "final burn" of the week-long festival.


The project was a collaboration between Quinze and radiator brand Jaga, for whom Quinze has also designed a customised truck.






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  • gualberto

    the planet is suffering, and this artist is burnig wood for a reason he calls “art”….
    bad bad taste!

    • epicpenguins

      dude so what it not gonna do much. what does this mean no one can have a campfire for a year now to make up for it?

  • Jun

    like a child playing fire…big fire

    structure looks nice


    It was also part of a promotional tour Quinze produced for the launch of Lexus’s new flagship sedan, and as such, it was an insult to the non-commercial, non-corporate ethos which is the Burning Man Festival’s foundation.

    Also, Burning Man takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, approximately 2 hours north of Reno, not in Death Valley, which is in southern California, closer to Las Vegas.

  • Yasdamas

    I like the structure, pitty it was burnt…
    Funny enough the shape in general looks like the Dubai Metro station :)

  • Nice structure and about the burning: at least if you are going to release CO2 to the atmosphere, don’t drive the car for a year and burn a gigant wood structure!!

  • stoeffer

    …welcome to BRUSSELS this summer 2007

  • rivera

    estupido trabajo, como es posible que se despedicie tanta madera, hay tantas personas sin hogar, se necesitan reconstrucciones por desatres y este “artista” hecha a la basura tanto recuso natural y contamina la atmosfera. Lastima diseño, lastima creatividad

    • maxi

      no habla espanol

  • pat Ingram

    This is a magnificent piece. I don’t care why it was made or by whom or that it burned wood or any of that concern that your viewers have expressed. I am simply pleased to have been witness to this project and wonderful piece of art. Thanks for the visual joy!

  • yulihartanto

    good, nice design, aspecially at night view

    but why sould be burnin'

    that not good for the world issues today,,

    childist dream,

    sometimes creative,, hyperactive

    sometimes doin' bad habbit

    think again not just for art and design

    but for this mother nature,,

  • bruce sykes

    A most magnificent conceptual sculpture. Arne is one of the great ones. And don’t worry about adding to the suffering of the planet by burning the sculpture because with over 6 billion people it just doesn’t matter anymore.

  • Vesanen Art Class

    I like the shiny lights. I think it’s destroying our planet. You should have left it standing.

  • robby n

    I don’t know, it looks alright. it’s pretty cool to look at. but as far as making statements goes i have to agree with those of you who feel some kind of inherent compassion for the earth rather than those who say let’s keep doing wrong ’cause that’s all that’s happenin’ anyways. there’s a future for this planet, but which is it? at some point we have to decide not to follow mass trend. not a good idea to follow leaders (or entrepeneurs of modern art) and support them if what they do is overuse and abuse the planet. ANYTHING mass produced compiled together “abstractly” becomes “wonderfully imaginitive modern art” but theres no talent, no soul in that. nothing but having access to resources and excess time and space.

  • nupowder

    A captivating piece. It grabs the attention and leads imagination by the hand. Props for burning it at the end of the week, keeping with the “take out everything you brought in,” rule of the wilderness. Better you dispose of it as you see fit than have someone desecrate it for the joy of vandalism. Fantastic piece.

  • maryam amanaty


  • Get a life you knuckleheads. Burning this eyesore will do nothing to the atmosphere…we get giant forest fires out west (many set naturally believe it or not) that release so much freekin carbon into the air that this would be just a light snack in the greater scheme of things. What ticks me off is a bunch of dumbass hippies coming to my backyard, setting up stupid communes, acting like 15 yrs olds, and then leaving. Go back to San Fran…you leftists…

  • Films such as mid-90s fare Reality Bites and Before Sunrise made him the poster boy for scruffy drifters (and got him best kiss nominations at the MTV Movie Awards)

  • I had the privage of injoying this masterpiece out on the playa. It towered over everything else! The sound sytems and music that was emitted from it was wonderful. As with burning it, it was the largest stucture fire I have ever witnessed! It was AMAZING! You could feel the heat a half mile away! Thanks for the memories!

  • ahhhhhh

    ahhh the “Belgian Waffle” yeah the artist and the group got upset cause the people at burning man were calling the structure “the waffle” and not for its name I forgot what it was. but i agree with Shaggy Thompson that place was packed. and good music too.

  • epicpenguins

    awsome fire! i would love to go there

  • Nick.D

    Burning for art/ritual should be the ONLY type of burning! Then we wouldn't have the problems of today! Some of these statements are hypocritical. Why attack something as peaceful and creative as this, when the power source you use for the computer you are typing on, comes from a burning of the most profound kind. I'm not against technology and energy using devices, but to me it is such a contradiction, when people get all 'politically correct' and condemn such acts as these, when they could be criticising many many worse acts of humanity.

  • Judy

    Burning man takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada not Death Valley…

  • jamie

    for god's sake, maybe he's using scrap wood.. you know the stuff that gets thrown out and tranported around and burried… i think burning it is more effecient then transporting it around everywhere and then burying it…. Tell me you've never thrown out anything wooden bud.. cause i can't take people like you seriously

  • Sasha

    The art that is made and presented at burning man is amazing! People that judge the show negativly are usually the ones that have not gone there themselves and enjoyed it.

    Great job on your piece! We need more beauty in a world that has none left….