Patricia Urquiola at Belgrade Design Week


Patricia Urquiola at Belgrade Design Week

Here are some photos of the opening party at the Patricia Urquiola show at the SuperSpace Gallery in Belgrade.


The event, at the gallery beside the river Sava, was one of the highlights of Belgrade Design Week earlier this month and was attended by designers including Konstantin Grcic (in top photo with Urquiola) and Ora Ito.


The exhibition, called Dance n.3, continues until 7 June.


Here is the press release from SuperSpace Gallery:


dance n.3, a solo exhibition by Patricia Urquiola


Belgrade (Serbia) - She has left a deep impression with her energy, charm and direktness at the Belgrade Design Week 2007 (10 - 12.May), and also with her latest exhibition at the Superpace Gallery (11 May - 10 June 07). Patricia Urquiola has danced into Belgrade with her dance n.3, her latest solo exhibition after Koeln (2005) and Verona (2006).


This was the landmark exhibition at this year's BDW, with over 1000 people flocking in for the opening night, and some of the world's top stars from the design industry as well: Konstantin Grcic, Marva Griffin, Ora Ito, Matali Crasset...


With red and white pieces stacked at the top of each other as when moving house, and huge mobiles made out of humble transparent plastic straws reminescent of himli, she brought in the magic of her playful mind and delighted the visitors.


Above: SuperSpace Gallery art director Aleksandar Rodić and Konstantin Grcic



Ora Ito and Aleksandar Rodić


Patricia Urquiola and Marva Griffin

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