London 2012 Olympics logo by Wolff Olins


London 2012 Olympics logo by Wolff Olins

The organisers of the 2012 Olympic Games in London have unveiled their new logo, created by Wolff Olins.


The London 2012 website has a video showing how the logo will be implemented, plus has templates allowing people to create their own version of the logo.

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  • If you’ve ever wondered what £400,000 looks like.

    (That’s what the BBC is stating as the cost of the branding)

  • i kinda like it. it feels to me like a statement of the hyper-modern and hyper-dynamic time we are living in and it’s only 2007, wait till you see 2012 :D

  • Well done to the company which got commissioned but for me this is one of the biggest jokes of recent times.

    There`s far better places to spend almost half a million.

  • How ugly £400k can be! Looks to me like it was designed by committee – A committee of old men trying to have a guess at what “The Youth of Today(or 2012)” think is cool.

  • Marcus (not Fairs)

    I can’t help but see a back to front map of Australia in there, I’m sure if you looked at it in a mirror it reads OZ 21! None the less it’s terrible and the youth of today are going to be exposed to this for the next five years, bringing it’s influence back to haunt us through their own work. Didn’t London learn from Wolf-Olins’ Southbank rebrand… How can the city restrict the creativity of architects but let this be the international face of London for years to come.

  • marc

    whoever designed this saw you guys coming from a mile away.

    the only way this logo would make sense is if you flip it, invert the colour, shred the paper that it is printed on, rapid prototype the outcome, get a rat to chew on it and turn it into a lamp.

    how much food and 3rd world support can £400k buy?
    surely an african orphan could have done this?

    now there’s a thought.

    well done london.

  • John

    Fantastic. Simply Fantastic.

  • Els Buchens

    Bad design is bad design, Just because the firm got paid 400,000 pounds doesn’t mean the logo works. Shame on the designers and those on the committee who selected it.

  • moa

    it’s like the futurism seen from the 80s! i much prefer this cool nostalgia to a stuffily conservative logo (and I have a home-made turquoise shirt with the same cerise coloured ’82’ printed on the back that matches this logo beautifully).

    the crappy standarised font of “TM” makes me wonder if it’s a fake, though.

  • Rob

    Ha ha ha ha! How much were Wolff Olins on per hour? A millon?

  • jc

    For me it looks like an icon of a person who is ice skating, maybe I am the only to see this, but for the “summer” olympic games, it is not the best…

  • Mayan Calendar

    If you restructure the icons it spells “ZION”.

  • POOP

    first of all, the logo isnt terrible. however for something like the olympics, it doesnt really work. you have a massive demographic- what, like age 2 to 82? it has to be simple and timeless. although it looks nice in the motion spots, the static logo is just too illegible. but what i dont understand is why attack the company so much? uh, ya know, the olympics DIDNT haaave to pick that one. im sure they had more than one choice! dummies! so remember, while it is the designers responsibility to aid the client to make the right choice, some monkey on the olympic commitee made the choice to go with this one. i mean give wolf olins a break, they did the “RED” AIDS charity campaign. id say a pretty respectable company, little shits.

  • js

    the joke is on everyone who doesnt think 400,000 pounds was worth this kind of publicity. look at all of you, the amount of buzz this is creating is why this is so ingenious. maybe you should expand your mind and think of how marketing works. it is because of the power of influence and I think the olynpic committee got exactly what it wants, people to get energized and buy tickets period. this company has a brilliant set of designers on this and the RED campaign is one of the best of all time.

  • Michael M.C. Wang

    When a design decides to promote some ideas (“container” logo, “flexiable” logo……), his designs get mechanized to the idea-turned-doctrine. This is not a very bad design. But this is not an Olympic quality logo either.

  • jake

    I love this logo. pure brilliance.
    The logo didnt ask to be liked.

    “Our emblem is simple, distinct, bold and buzzing with energy.
    Its form is inclusive yet consistent and has incredible flexibility to encourage access and participation.
    It can communicate with anyone from commercial organisations to kids playing sport.”


  • Rob

    I know there has been a bit of an 80s revival over the past few years but this will look so out of date in 2012. I think the £400,000 they charged for it must have been the cost involved to build a time machine to go back to 1986 to design it.

  • Linda

    I actually find the logo horrifying.


  • Becky

    It's nice! I love the modernized effect and the bright bold colours. Despite the issues some people have had with it, it's actually not that bad. It's like people have problems with some celebrities; some love them, some like them, some hate them. I like this design. Not love, like. It could be better, but it could be a lot worse. But my point is (and not many will care) that its bold, bright, eye-catching, colourful, modern, youth-friendly and shows how the times have changed since the first olympic games. I say a job well done!