Zaha Hadid blog update



We've put some more posts up on our blog for the Design Museum's forthcoming Zaha Hadid exhibition, including a full-length interview with Zaha Hadid Architects partner Patrik Schumacher; some photos of the BMW Central Building by legendary photographer Hélène Binet; a short movie of Hadid talking about her latest project in Dubai; and images of Chanel Pavilion (above), a mobile exhibitions space for the fashion brand which was launched in Venice last week.

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  • Nuno

    More Zaha Hadid?! Gosh! You guys don’t learn……

    And by the way, why does Zaha keeps doing always the same kind of stuff? Boring stuff, and thank God we have valuable alternatives on the world!

  • ben

    more zaha.. what a suprise.. its ugly..