More images of 166 Perry Street by Asymptote



Here are some better-quality images of Asymptote's 166 Perry Street residential building in New York, which is just about to go on site.


More info in our earlier post.


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Above: apartment kitchen


Above: "detail of the laser cut perforated metal scrim used
at the ground level"




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  • oh

    foster can do it better

  • man

    speaking of perforated metal scrims, i hear that ny firm marble fairbanks is doing something similar to this with a crazy cool perforation pattern at a project under construction up at columbia university. seems like the thing to do these days!

  • max

    The spaces are too rigid disregarding the entrance.

  • Morais

    Want to do something like Jean Nouvel`s 100 11th Av.?
    Have to try again !!!

  • Yorik

    I find a bit disappointing looking at the apartments, it looks like all the “avant-guarde” power got concentrated on the ground floor…

  • aaa

    Not impressive at all…

  • avalon

    i think its refreshing in its restraint, nice to see a cool entry into the starachitect condo game in new york these days.

  • YasDamas

    Impressive, how about other other views fro mdifferent angles

  • amsam

    yah, Nouvel spoiled tilty windows for everyone else cause 100 11th Ave is just waay better