UNMADE 07 by Karen Ryan


UNMADE 07 by Karen Ryan

In her latest project, designer Karen Ryan takes unwanted porcelain vases and re-brands them by grinding off the surfaces but leaving her own "UNMADE 07" logo.


Below is a short statement from Ryan:


My latest design is ‘UNMADE 07’, this is a comment about mass production and Global branding. I have created my own brand logo ‘UNMADE 07’, this brand represents the unmaking of existing discarded objects which in this case are old vases. The original glazed surface of the exterior of the vase is removed except where the brand logo is left cut out of the remaining decoration, whilst the function of the vase remains intact.

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  • I love the concept!
    I will love it more if the logo is smaller! -_-;

  • n 1

    the vases look like trophies for Mtv awards

  • chapmaniac

    what-the united nations are making vases now…? well at least they’re doing something

  • H

    In a similar concept but done much more intricately and poetically subtle by sandblasting delft blue vessels into contemporary landscape silhouettes.

    Ornamental Inheritance Pots by Meesters & Van der Park back in 2005

    >> http://www.jomeesters.nl/p1_ornamental_inheritance_pots.html

    and my goodness they do look like MTV trophies!