Bookinist by Nils Holger Moormann


Bookinist by Nils Holger Moormann

We've been sitting on these images since Milan, trying to decide whether the product is brilliant or bonkers... but what the hell. Here is Bookinist, a chair-cum-bookshelf. On wheels. With a reading light. And a cup holder. And a secret compartment.


The arms and backrest can hold 80 paperbacks and there is a concealed drawer that holds reading-glasses, bookmarks, a pencil, pencil sharpener and a notebook - all of which are included with the chair.


Here's some blurb from designer Nils Holger Moormann:


Design Nils Holger Moormann, 2007


Bookinist is a movable chair designed especially for reading. It is based on the principle of a pushcart and can be rolled to a favourite spot.

The books are stored ready for use in the arms of the chair. A reading lamp, hidden compartments for writing utensils, a cup stand - Bookinist invites you to read and think at your leisure.


measurements in cm:
h: 78,5 w: 75,0 d: 91,0
material: FU (birch plywood) white, black, red
cusion felt ecru
wheel with air (below)


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  • ben

    verdict: its bonkers…

  • Zender

    It’s 2007 and designers still manage to pull out some crappy stuff. It’s amazing!

  • abyssinian

    I actually think that its kind of interesting in a subltle way… It might not look “2007” but its slightly sophisticated.

  • TooTall

    This thing is great. The wheel doesn’t make ANY sense but for some reason I still love it.
    Its chunky, yet somehow its still sleek. It has a nostalgic kindergarten appeal but with a sophisticated (perfect word, abyssinian) update.

  • Alphie

    It is interesting that in a time where multiple use objects are completely necessary people aren’t creating pieces that would fit into this genre. I commend and look forward to the next Frankenstein furniture breakthrough.

  • paparadar

    In other words: it’s bonkers.

  • it is brillonkers. :)
    i don’t want to buy it,
    but if somebody give me that,
    i will have it. hihihi~

  • Cat

    It’s great but not as entirely novel as some people seem to think. I have a friend who has chair/bookshelf which follows the same concept and has a very similar shape, although is made entirely of wood – and also has a very basic reclining option. I think is 1950s.

    Like the addition of the wheel to move yourself and books to favourite reading space though!

  • Kajihoo

    Starving children, millions dying of AIDS, murder, crime…

    with all the good a person could do in the world even in the slightest…. some dickhead puts a wheel on an ugly chair… now I’m just saying – a person can choose what they want to do with their life and to some of us that means… y’know… doing something productive… but this guy puts a tire on an arm chair (an ugly one at that).


  • this is a great idia. You know for those that have a small appartement. No lost of space!!!
    where can we by it?

  • Zender


  • Martijn

    Great stuff. The wheel DOES make sense. You see, with all the books stuffed into the chair, the thing is too heavy to lift. So you ROLL it. Plus, it saves a lot of space. Smart thinking.
    Much better than some of the other so-called design that the BIG NAMES have been producing. Seen that table by Zaha Hadid anyone? Speaking of crap…what is that all about. Oh, but wait it’s Zaha so it must be brilliant.
    And Kajihoo nees to get over himself real quick. Or take a pill. The RED one Kajihoo, the RED ONE…

  • iovine

    I also saw this up in Milan, and then hesitated. But what really impressed was that they printed their PR on a linen hankerchief. That I kept

  • jemma

    kajihoo, it sounds like you feel being a designer in general is an unproductive thing for someone to do with their life, why are you on a website that deals with design!

  • I think that as far as i’m concern, anybody can create a chair like that. And i don’t see the use of it, because you use a chair to sit and relax, not to roll around the house with, i would’nt want that, eurk!

  • Mattia Nuzzo

    Looking forward to Nils’ next project.

  • Martijn

    I am surprised by the amount of conservatism desiplayed in these comments. Gaston says he only uses a chair to sit and relax in and therefore chairs like the one featured here have no use. A very narrow-minded view that does nothing to progress design or the debate about design.

  • chapmaniac

    I think had this mishmash of ideas been ‘processed’ into something more stylish/ marketable it wouldn’t have gotten half the attention it has and the wheel is probably the strongest idea of them all-reminds me of sitting in a wheelbarrow

  • George

    The chair is great. I think the lamp and reading glasses make it a bit gimmicky. The choice of materials and the core idea is excellent. Ideal.