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Dezeen in Form magazine

Dezeen in Form magazine

Dezeen is mentioned extensively in the new issue of German design magazine Form, which this month focuses on blogs, the internet and all things online.


Dezeen is given a mini-profile (above) by Form, which says: "Although it has only been online for six months, Dezeen is already one of the most successful design blogs".


In the magazine's opening section, Design Miami director Ambra Medda selects dezeen as her favourite site (above), describing us as "a great representation of what's happening in contemporary design." She adds: "It's great for research. Dezeen is clear and easy to navigate, and covers the most influential and important design events."


We are mentioned again in Form's selection of essential design blogs (above) and yet again in the opening paragraph of journalist Karianne Fogelberg's cover feature titled "Designer im Netz - What the Web can do for you" (below), which looks at the rise of design blogs as vital new platforms for discussing the subject.


Thanks to everyone at Form!