Aesthetics of Domestic Sound by Lise Lefebvre

Lise Lefebvre, who has just completed her Masters at Design Academy Eindhoven, has sent us images of her graduation project. Called The Aesthetics of Domestic Sound, it explores how the experience of using a domestic appliance is affected by the sound it makes.


Lefebvre covered vacuum cleaners, whisks, juicers, washing machines and other gadgets in jackets of hand-stitched felt, radically changing the user's experience by muffling the devices both visually and audibly.


Here is a bit of text provided by Lefebvre:


Lise Lefebvre's graduation project explores the emotional potential of sound in domestic appliances.


She researched the detrimental effects of environmental noise upon human health and well being and uses design as a tool to counter our overproduction of sound.


Audibly, but also visually silencing a range of seamlessly handfelted appliances, she created a new aesthetic that celebrates domesticity and fulfills the need to bond with one's objects.


Lise Lefebvre recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven IM Masters program.


She previously completed her bachelor's degree at the ESAD School of Art and Design in Reims, France.