Shoreditch House by Tom Dixon



Shoreditch House, the latest private members' club in the Soho House group, has opened in Shoreditch in east London, with interiors by Tom Dixon.


Photography is by Bran Symondson. Top image: reception on the ground floor. Above: Square Bar on the fifth floor


Above: House Kitchen on the fifth floor


Above: House Kitchen on the fifth floor


Above: Sitting Room on the fifth floor


Above: Sitting Room on the fifth floor


Above: Sitting Room on the fifth floor


Above: Lounge on the rooftop


Above: Lounge on the rooftop


Above: pool on the rooftop

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  • Mattia Nuzzo

    It’s possible that the photography does not do the space justice, but as of right now this looks like a project which demonstrates that a great industrial designer does not a great interior designer make. Having not seen any other interior projects by Dixon I could be wrong, but on the whole this just reads as uninspired.

  • chapmaniac

    I agree Mattia, although I think there’s also just way too much furniture in the spaces-i.e too many people who want to be a part of the club

  • F

    a very nice venue indeed , good food , service impeccable ,so chilled on the top floor ..

    AND , for those of us smokers , perhaps the only place in London , where you can have a cigarette by the pool, enjoy the view , preferably in romantic company and a drink of course .

    what more to ask ?

  • L. Frazar

    As you can see, interior design is much more difficult that it seems, this trend to have designers cross over doesn’t work. A pile of nice furniture with no order or idea, what a mess.

  • Adam

    I admire much of Dixon’s work, and especially enjoyed Re-Think, but maybe having only ever taken a 1 day course in motorcycle repairs is evident in his work at Shoreditch House. Although the facilities are good the design overlooks many crucial issues – most notably the circulation of the place is all wrong. A grand staircase connecting the fifth and sixth floors would have reduced the pressure on the lifts [shou ld have spec’ed a good lift manufacturer like Kone or Otis] and prevented people having to use the service stairwell. Next time hire a qualified designer!

  • I would also have to agree on the clash of interior / furniture scenario. Just way too many bums on seats methinks. The rooftop is stunning though – what a view, and thank the Lord part of the building has found such a fantastic new use. Most of us round these parts feared it would get razed if a decent covenant was never going to materialise. I wish Soho House all the luck in the world (like they’ll need it!)

  • Somehow I got membership for this place- I thought great, a local superclub where I don’t have to queue for drinks and the clientele are respectful.


    Without sounding like a snob, its all badly dressed new money. On a thursday and friday it is atrocious, especially if arriving sober. My japanese girlfriend was abused and pushed out of the way by a fat drunk blond in the toilets on the last visit. Who makes up the committee? Where are the local designers and artists?

    Having said that, the staff are great, the drinks are reasonably priced and the top floor with heated pool is the place to be on a hot night or sunday afternoon. The downstairs is a bit naff(sorry mr Dixon) and the ‘Biscuit Tin’ is uninspired. The furniture and colour choices are a cockup. I plan to stay a member for now tho.

  • jake

    The place is empty in the pictures. Go there when it is full and the interior could not be more successful!